Hi, I’m Wade and have always had a passion for Wallpaper, since I first helped my father as a young child put up a cowboys and Indians wallpaper in my bedroom, I loved the unique change it made to my personal space, it gave me and my bedroom a sense of belonging and pride, I was wowed by how surrounding myself in it, it created such feeling of happiness, fun and allowed my imagination to run as wild as the characters within it.

Wallpaper never went out of fashion in England and its now a very different product compared to what your Gran may have had in her home. Wallpaper is making a huge come back in Canada and if you’re a fan of HGTV you will know that nearly all new home renos will feature wallpaper somewhere.

I moved from England to Canada in 2009 for a better quality of life, we lived about 50 miles north of London, so the big city was only an hour or so away, so when we discovered Red Deer in 2007 on a holiday/reconnaissance trip, we knew that’s where we wanted to call home.

Wallpaper Installer


Wallpaper can add a uniqueness that no other product can give, whether your looking to make a statement, a pop of colour or a subtle and relaxing space there’s so many textures, colours and design available the choice is virtually endless. It is so important that once a decision is made, that you get the finish and stunning look you imagined.


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